H2M Group Cartographer - Apprenticeship in Silver Spring, Maryland

H2M Group is seeking Cartographers to join our team!

SFH seeks to increase In-House DNC/ENC production and contract DNC/ENC production capacity which will allow SFH to respond more rapidly to customer requests and to enhance the quality and accuracy of SFH’s DNC/ENC portfolio. The scope of work for DNC/ENC production includes, but is not limited to, support to the following functions:

  • Source evaluation of rasterized nautical charts, ENC, digital hydrographic survey data, Notices to Mariners (NtM), orthorectified imagery, chart catalogs and a variety of Open Source or government furnished data sets, to produce project packages for In-House or contract production.

  • Compiling or updating maritime features and attributes for the SFH DNC/ENC portfolio on ArcGIS based Data Capture and Finishing Environment (DCAFE) workstations or ESRI based Foundation GEOINT Modernization (FG MOD) production environment workstations.

  • Extracting features from a variety of sources including but not necessarily limited to rasterized nautical charts, ENC, digital hydrographic survey data, NtM, orthorectified imagery, and chart catalogs.

  • Writing Python Scripts in ArcGIS to improve efficiency of the production process.

  • Data conversion/migration.


  • Active TS/SCI

  • Less than 3 years experience

  • HS Diploma

  • Experience in geography, cartography, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which includes skill in ArcGIS applications.

  • Experience in creating shapefiles, geodatabases, and features.

  • Knowledge of digital cartography, image processing, geographical information systems (GIS), geospatial production techniques and NGA digital data formats.

  • Ability to utilize geographic names information from the GNDB.

Requisition ID: 652